Stabbing Guides

Stewart Tubular Products has designed our stabbing guides to deliver a balance of strength, durability, weight, and cost. Stabbing Guide features:

  • Robust hinge and trigger release areas for greater impact resistance
  • Outer shell and urethane size ranges carefully designed so that all sizes are lightweight and easy to use
  • Outer shell material and wall thickness dependent on size range, providing the best possible strength to weight ratio
  • Adjustable latch mechanism allows for field adjustment to customize the fit. In some cases the adjustment is enough that a unit can be used for multiple sizes or threads.
  • Urethane inserts withstand repeated cleaning with solvents and will not swell over time.
  • Outer shell will accommodate multiple size ranges of urethane inserts, which can be purchased separately at a greatly reduced cost relative to a complete unit.
  • Units are field repairable with parts generally available from local hardware stores, or provided in inexpensive repair kits provided by Stewart Tubular Products.
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Size #10 Stabbing Guide (our smallest) showing the rugged and simple design.

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Our larger sizes are similar design with welded on handles for rugged reliability.