Meet the newest member of our Marketing department, P.J. Penguin. You might be interested in knowing these things about him:


  • PJ is a hard worker. He used to work in our machine shop making Pup Joints. That’s how he got his name. He still prefers to wear his shop uniform over dressier options.
  • PJ is always in a good mood, even when times are tough.
  • PJ is loyal and a good friend to have.
  • He loves his wife, Euphegenia, and kids, Artie and Stew.
  • He can swim like crazy.
  • PJ is keen on the space program and has been known to hang around at NASA.
  • He can be quite entertaining if you ever get bored.
  • PJ is a good dancer. He takes Tango lessons on the weekends and he has won a few dance contests.
  • Once in a while PJ enjoys a shot of tequila.
  • PJ’s favorite food is snow cones and really appreciates anchovies on his pizza.


Please welcome PJ to your office or home. He won’t take up much space.  And – no need to leave the heater on for him – (he’s from the South Pole for goodness sakes!)